Killing me softly…..with Dominoqq Boumsong




The pen is mightier than the sword, but definitely not in the hands of a Frenchman. As a result of Arsenal’s hilarious spot-kick, Thierry Henry is now responsible for the remainder of the Gunners’ penalties. The showboat capsized spectacularly, but it’s the bookies that will be turned over; back the French genius to be top Premiership goal scorer at 4/1.


Arsenal’s visit to Tottenham is the highlight of the weekend coupon, the Gunners won 5-4 on their last visit to the Lane (I think I tipped up 5-3), and another potential cracker is on the cards. Arsenal were as short as 8/15 for the thriller last season; with Edgar Davids unavailable due to suspension and 6/4 on offer for the Gunners, Arsenal are the nap of the week.


Like all housewives, the Mrs. has a cushy life. But after long Dominoqq research, I’ve discovered an occupation that’s even easier than watching TV and eating chocolate all day. The West Ham defenders have the cushiest job in the country this weekend, even easier than being Robbie Savage’s fan mail opener.


Anton Ferdinand & Co have the simple task of marking Peter Crouch. It’s now 13 games without a goal for the beanpole striker, although unconfirmed reports suggest that he hit a post in training 2 months ago. We have to go back to 1963 to find the last time West Ham won at Anfield (I think Teddy Sheringham scored the winner), but the Hammers can be confident of a clean sheet in this one; back the goalless draw at 8/1.


Man City and Aston Villa both like to play football, and luckily for them, they meet in a football match on Monday night. City are in scintillating form on their own patch and have hammered the Villa in this fixture for the last three seasons. The 4/5 on offer for Man City should be treated like a jam doughnut in the presence of Wayne Rooney; it should be dived on before it disappears.


If you think that under/over 2.5 is the spread on the amount of goals Peter Crouch will score this season, you’re only partially correct, it’s also one of the most popular bets on a football match.


For the uninitiated, ‘under’ = 2 goals or less, ‘over’ = 3 goals or more. The match between Birmingham and Everton is a no brain ‘under’; it’s as close as you can get to a certainty without finding Jordan’s telephone number.


6 of the last 8 Birmingham matches have gone ‘under’ and it’s 9 out of the last 10 for Everton. You can back ‘unders’ at 4/7 in this match, and that’s similar to printing your own money, only a lot more legal. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, in fact, just stay away from Van Nistelrooy altogether.


West Brom are rock bottom of the recent form table (8 matches), making Newcastle a great bet at a whopping 5/4. Emre looks an unusually superb signing from Graeme Souness; his left foot is an absolute peach, which makes him a plum bet to bag a pair against the Baggies, get on at 20/1.


The following mixed bag of specials are all available at Super Soccer.


“Robben Hood” – Arjen Robben to score with a header 13/2

“Claude it back” – Makelele to score the last goal 33/1

“In Denial” – Mido to be sent off 25/1

“Crouch a tiger, Did a dragon” – Crouch and Drogba both to score 9/2

“Helmet Cole” – Andy Cole to score with a header 9/2

“Killing me softly, with Boumsong” – Boumsong to score at any time 10/1


Quote of the week:


“You know why they (Arsenal) took the penalty like that? They have so many penalties in a season; they had to do something different.”


Jose Mourinho is a genius.


Stat, you’re a liberty:


Peter Crouch is not the tallest player to have graced the Premiership, Portsmouth goalkeeper Kostas Chalkias stood a centimetre taller.