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Greetings, My name is Brett Bumeter and I am a new writer here at The Poker Blog. I have been playing cards and poker for much of my life. I also cover several other topics as a writer from Finance, International Tax, Web Marketing, MindMapping, and Comedy.


Over the course of the next weeks and months I will start by walking through the fundamentals of the poker games that I enjoy the most, starting with Texas Hold’em. For some readers of this blog, this will be a review in fundamentals, for which many of the higher level articles written here will be of more interest.


For our rapidly growing readership many of these fundamentals will help new players grow and develop. This is good for all players as the growth of the poker playing community helps all of us grow and enjoy a much more satisfying game of play.


Initially, I will cover many of the basic terms in Texas Hold ‘em

Here are some of the terms that I will be covering not only from a definition, but also with examples and extra discussion about how they can be used in the play of the game:


Betting Structures

Blinds and Antes

Burn Cards

Turn Cards

The Flop

The River


Split Pots

The Five Card Hand


Along the way if you encounter any terms that you would like us to cover or even research, please drop us a comment and we will tackle it as best we can, quickly and efficiently.


Can Poker Print Magazines Survive?


Over the weekend, I picked up two poker print magazines for the first time: Canadian Poker Player and CardPlayer. As a former print magazine publisher, the first thing on my mind after browsing both was: how do they stay in print?


Subscriptions barely pay for the postage for many magazines. Sure, these two have lots of print ads. But CardPlayer, from what I can tell, has all of its print articles online. CPP, on the other hand, appears to feature just a few articles online. I figure that it’s a rather tough go for a print magazine to go up against an online competitor, especially in the area of poker, and especially when the cow is giving the milk away for free.


Don’t get me wrong; I am one of those Casino Cbet people that still enjoys reading print magazines. But with a game like poker, there’s something to be said about being able to listen to poker games or even watch them online (found via DrawDead). Because the subject matter is so interactive and analytical, I’m hazarding a guess that you’d learn far more about poker watching games and listening to analysis than just reading about it.


On the other hand, it’s still nice to be able to sit back and relax in your favourite chair or sofa and read something in print without having to fire up your laptop.