Getting played back at


What to do when it feels like someone is playing back at you?

It’s one thing when playing aggressively at 6 max, but it’s different when I’m at a low먹튀검. At 6 max I expect it on occasion because I know I am playing aggressively so I expect 3 bets once in a while

Playing from the blinds

I’ve left this section until now because some concepts from the intervening sections apply to playing from the blinds. From the BB, obviously if no-one raises you can check and see the flop cards for no additional cost. From the SB, if you have 2 or more limpers in before you, then it only costs you 1/2 a big blind more to see the flop, and you should do so with almost any except the worst hands. If you have decent hand, say one that is in the list of hands to play from late position, you can call with one limper. If you have a hand that should be played from early or middle position and there’s no or maybe one limper, raise, and hope to take down the hand preflop, but remember the rule for raising when there are limpers; 4 times the big blind plus one for each limper.

What if someone raises, and you have a good hand? Remember that the blinds will be first to act on the flop, turn, and river, so all the other players with have an advantage over you. Use the recommended hands for the early postion hands and don’t call a raise from someone without AA/KK/QQ/AK. In fact, re-raise their bet with these hands, because you have a premium hand plus you will be out of position during subsequent betting. Hopefully they will realize that they are at risk and will fold.

Playing tight

All of this advice is all based on the concept of playing tight, positional poker preflop. This is by far the easiest way for a beginner to start, for the simple reason that you play only good value hands relative to your position. By playing only good value starting hands in good position you keep yourself from getting into too many difficult situations later on.

Play level update

Just to keep updated; I’ve moved from the $10NL 6 max tables to $25NL.

I am underrolled for $25, at least at this new site, unless you include: my bankroll at my old main site, my pending first deposit bonus, as well as my experience with $25 at the other site, my (hopeful) discipline to move