David Judi Online takes another $160k from Phil Ivey in Glue Factory

The only person to ever take on Phil Ivey at his Ivey Glue Factory table is David Judi Online. So far, Benyamine has been consistently coming out of their sessions with big wins in $2k/$4k horse. In less than 2 hours, Ivey busted his fourth buy in and left. Benyamine would add $160k more to his bankroll and is up probably around half a million from Ivey now.

Doyle Brunson spotted playing high stakes Horse on FTP

Gus Hansen, Brian Hastings, Doyle Brunson aka TexDolly, Icallsowhat, and Give2love were playing $1k/$2k mixed h.o.r.s.e. games at table Eli Elezra, however Elezra was not sitting in his reserved seat at the time. Everyone seemed to be slightly down and even at the end, however Brunson managed to get his stack up to $110k by winning a few pots and then he left without any notice during the middle of the session. It’s quite strange that his video banner on Doylesroom.com claims that he only plays at Doyle’s Room.

Tom Dwan rivers straight flush to felt Ziigmund

Tom Dwan aka Durrrr was multi-tabling poker games vs Phil Ivey and Ziigmund. While Phil Ivey was sitting out, Tom dwan was heads up in Pot Limit Omaha against Ilari Sahamies aka Ziigmund. Ziigmund has been really doing horrible lately since everyone has him figured out. He has one of the worse records in online high stakes poker. Lately hes been trying to make a comeback and I’m afraid this hand just made him sick because he high tailed it out of there. Although this hand was smaller, it brings back memories of the biggest bad beat in online poker history by the sickest poker player “Tom Dwan”.

Ziigmund preceded to lost his stack to a bad river spade, then fail to control his tilt and lost the rest of his money. He may very well be broke at this point…

Allen Cunningham doesn’t smell aces?

At the 6 handed high stakes poker table is Allen Cunningham and Eric Liu. Allen raises to $600.00 and Eric Liu reraises him to 2k. Allen Cunningham then four bets him to $5,800! Eric Liu re-raises to $12,600 and in what I think is a questionable raise, Allen raises to 29k. I think this is defiantly a tourny play. The only thing that calls him here is AA KK or AK, so why not just call the 12k and see what the flop is? Eric Liu then leaves the table in disgust as I would.

David Benyamine VS PrtectYaNeck

PrtectYaNeck has been rising levels very fast, and is now playing at one of the highest NL Holdem games.

My friends had played him at 5/10 NL Holdem a year ago and now hes playing David Benyamine at 200/400 NL Holdem Heads up and winning!

Below David’s patience wears out against PrtectYaNeck’s 3 betting and thinks it’s time to make a stand with AK, boy was he wrong! PrTectYaneck’s pocket aces hold up and he climbs to almost 200k.