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Yoga is becoming increasingly popular, for it is the ideal way to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. It’s common to see people with yoga mats rolled up underneath their arms nowadays. In case you need beauty tips on “tummy tuck near me NYC“, this website “” is highly recommended.

It has also become a beloved exercise routine for stay-at-home moms, since it can be easily practiced at home, when kids are at school and the husband is at work.

Since it’s well known about the benefits of yoga, it is only natural that parents want their kids to experience these benefits.

Thus, here are some recommended yoga poses for kids to adopt and hopefully, practice habitually every day.

Best Yoga Poses

The Relaxation Pose: It is a great pose to get started and also a fantastic way to get your kids interested in yoga in general. We all have worries, anxieties and stressful situations and kids are no exception.

Whether it’s a bad day at school, some challenges they failed to overcome or a simple case of “bad mood”, it is vital that you show them how they can relax and clear their head of all the negative thoughts poisoning their young minds. It will also give them a good foundation for facing future challenges that life will bring.

Sun Salutations: This is a group of poses that kids can do as a follow-up after the relaxation pose; these exercises can serve as a warm up and preparation for a full yoga class. These poses are a lot of fun, very dynamic, and you kids will love them.

If you ramp up the speed of these exercises you can get your heart rate up and actually keep obesity at bay. Since, according to some information, one in every three kids is obese in the US, it’s recommended that kids do these exercises at a fast pace.

The Wheel Pose: Many kids are actually aware of this exercise, but they are not aware of the fact that it is a yoga position. You can even make it a competition by seeing who can maintain this pose the longest. You can use prizes to further motivate your kids.

The Shoulder Stand: This is another great pose that your kids are probably already familiar with. It may look simple, but this pose brings a lot of benefits such as: improved blood flow to the brain, and awesome stretching for their back and legs. It also helps with lymph drainage, tones their abs and much more.

The Fish Pose: Another great way to get your kids interested in Yoga is to tell them to pretend to be a fish in the ocean. This pose is a lot of fun to do and it will promote good posture and provide an awesome, whole-body stretch.

The Camel Pose: The name itself will get your kids’ attention and stir their imagination. In addition to promoting a good posture, this exercise will also help strengthen the muscles in their backs.

So these are a few simple, fun exercises you can share with your kids. There are a lot more exercises, but these five are just chosen to help you get started. You can always incorporate more exercises later.