A Great스포츠토토Story

My second post of the day – I have to write this one. A few weeks ago I was home unusually early on a Monday night so I tuned into the final table of the스포츠토토Sunday Million, and an entertaining table it was. There was a fellow Aussie going great guns by the screen-name of S0Stndrd. After a battle and a two-way deal, he eventually took the thing down. I noticed he was posting on 2+2 and sent him a congratulatory PM … we got to talking and he’s since given me the link to his site. I was going to tell his amazing tale but he of course tells the story best, so you have to visit http://www.acehighwine.com/ to check it out. Simply the best story of your local poker enthusiast making it huge on the online world’s biggest stage.
Congrats S0stndrd, an inspiration to all those low level grinders out there who one day dream of hitting the big one.
Finally Got Around To It …
… I pre-ordered the Harrington on Cash Games Vols I and II yesterday. My poker library is fairly extensive, but I’m really looking forward to these ones. Harrington’s Tourney Editions were my first real reads – I had Theory of Poker, but when I got that I just wasn’t ready for that level of detail 🙂 I think Dan Harrington manages to convey the game in plain English better than anyone else around. Apart from the fact that they should be good reading – its going to be essential to read these as every other half serious player will be as well. I need to know what they will know.
In other news I am trying a lot harder to incorporate Pokerstove analysis into my post session review. It’s a great tool, but I think I am not so good at putting villians accruately on ranges yet. That’s a critical part of it of course – if the range analysis is skewed then the analysis isn’t real flash. Would be interested to hear if any other readers use this approach regularly and how they go about it.
Talking about readers it seems people are starting to drop by here more and more regularly now. Hope you are enjoying it … feel free to stop by the HPC Forum and join up if you are keen, its a much better place to chat than just the comments field here. Please post a comment though to say you intend to sign up – I’ve had so many spam users there I’ve had to make it pretty hard to register